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Operation Principle roll forming machine-Xianfa Roll Forming Machine

Roll forming machine production specific configuration out of the metal, the most common spiral steel strips. In most applications, the desired cross-section profile is specially designed machines to bend metal is necessary. In addition to the roller, these machines for metal processing duties, including materials, cutting and rolling punch. Roll forming machine, in most cases, in a continuous cycle. Feeding the material into the machine where successively made its way through each stage of the operation, at the end of completion of the final product.
How to roll forming machine
Using multiple stations, fixed roll Guide and make the necessary bending of metal roll forming of metal bending machine at room temperature. As the metal strip across the roll forming machine, roll bending metal better than a roll of each group a little more. This progressive method of bending metal to ensure that the correct profile structure while maintaining the cross sectional area of the workpiece. Somewhere between 30 to 600 feet per minute operating speed, roll forming machines are manufacturing large quantities of parts or a good choice for very long.
Roll forming machine is also good to create little precision parts, if any, and finishing work. In most cases, according to the shape of the material, the final product with excellent finish and a very fine detail.
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