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The Roll-forming process-Xianfa Roll Forming Machine

Roll-forming process is one of the simpler manufacturing process. It is usually made of metal coils, 1-inch (2.5-centimeter) and 20-inch (51 cm). And 0.004 inches in width (0.10 mm) and 0.125-inch (3.2 mm) thick, supported on a payoff. Strip by entering the direct feed to the right-aligned materials, as it passes through the mill, each group of roll-formed bends until material reaches its desired shape rolls. Roll is usually mounted in a pair of brackets (s) support level parallel to the axis of one than the other. Side roll and roll can also be used to provide a higher degree of accuracy and flexibility, and to limit stress on the material. Processing can be cut to length in advance of a roll forming machine, between the mills, or at the end of roll-forming line.

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